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Visa applicaton processing service includes applying for tourism, work or education visa for non-EU members.

Visa application process


Documentation gathering

Collect all necessary documents required for the visa application, including passport, photographs, application forms, financial documents, and any other specific requirements based on the destination country and visa type.


Application submission

Submit the visa application along with the required documents either online or at the consulate/embassy of the destination country.

Pay the necessary visa application fees.


Processing and decision

Wait for the visa application to be processed by the consulate/embassy.

The processing time can vary depending on the type of visa and the policies of the destination country.

Once processed, the consulate/embassy will make a decision on the visa application, which could be approval, rejection, or a request for further documentation.

If approved, collect the visa and make travel arrangements. If rejected, understand the reasons for rejection and, if possible, reapply with necessary improvements.

Why TripsandGo?

Every prospective customer inevitably asks, 'But why should I choose this company's services?'. Here are three compelling reasons why you should process your visa applications through TripsandGo.

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TripsandGo boasts years of experience in handling the entire visa application process. We possess the expertise to navigate the process with precision, knowing exactly how to conduct ourselves, what to communicate, and which steps to take to ensure successful verification of visa applications.

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Low fail rate

Thanks to our extensive experience, we maintain an impressively low failure rate in securing visas for individuals of any nationality. While visa processing requirements vary based on nationality, regulations, laws, and the financial status of our customers, our seasoned expertise enables us to develop effective strategies tailored to each unique situation.

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The visa application process can vary significantly in duration, ranging from several months to a year. Factors such as nationality, laws, regulations, and the current economic situation can all influence processing times. However, with our extensive experience, we have developed strategies to expedite these processes. We understand the intricacies of visa applications, allowing us to streamline the process and apply for visas at the optimal times.

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Lagos, Nigeria

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